Why, hello there! I am Amy Shore, a photographer based more-or-less in the middle of the UK, which has turned out to be pretty handy to travel around this little island and beyond.

I mainly photograph car and motorbike related subjects but do dabble in a bunch of other stuff like watches, duffle coats, park life and onion fields. Yep, onion fields was an actual job. All of my work tends to revolve around people, whether it’s in workshops, road trips, events, breaking records or just a great story.– 

I have worked and continue to work for some amazing clients such as Goodwood, Jaguar Land Rover, Octane magazine, Evo magazine, Revolution magazine, Ramp magazine, Lexus, Renault Alpine, Triumph, Classic Driver, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and many more.
I am also truly honoured to be an ambassador for a number of brands. First and foremost, in May 2017 I became Nikon‘s newest and youngest UK ambassador. I couldn’t believe it when I received the phone call! I do a number of different events with Nikon including #NikonMeetUps and Coffee, Cakes and Cameras. Technically, since May 2020, I’m a former ambassador, but they tell me I can keep the title, I just no longer have to do the leg work! I call that a win. They refresh their ambassador programme every 2 years or so and I’d highly recommend checking out their latest ambassadors!
I’m also a proud ambassador for the exceptionally beautiful Farer watches and the delicious smells of Charabanc fragrances. All of these brands actively encourage exploring, travelling, and living life to the absolute full, all beliefs that I fully support. “Don’t live the same life 75 years and call it a life.”
Over the past few years I’ve been doing this, I’ve had some incredible experiences that I’ll never, ever forget. I’ve driven my ’85 Mini 1,600 miles solo around the Scottish highlands, slept on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with Triumph, and somehow ended up getting driven very quickly(!!) up the hill by Sam Bird at 2017’s Festival of Speed, breaking my helmet in the process… I hope to continue my photojournalism of more stories worldwide for a long while yet!
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  1. Amy,
    You do “informal” very “formally” if you get my meaning!
    Tom Bucher

  2. Love your style. The journalistic automotive work is really good. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is I really like. All the best 🙂

  3. you bring something extra with photographs you take. you see things that others miss…i especially like the lighting and use of black and white photography..keep up the good work.!!

  4. Hello from the States, found you on Instagram and had to check your site out. Your photos are top notch, love the automobile shots!

  5. Dear Amy,
    As a custodian of beautiful classic cars your automotive images always give me a unique feeling to have the right and best job in the world every day.
    I really love your style, it touches my soul so much.
    Regards from KlassikAuto – Berlin

  6. You are like a racing driver! A top racing driver; “driven to perfection”
    I’m lucky to see you at work and results come because of your creativity and because of your no-compromise approach 😊
    Thanks for pictures at Miataland; you did a wonderful work of art throught your fixed lens 😄
    Hope to work with you again

  7. You show a great eye in your work, Young Lady. Your love for what you are doing shows in your photographs, too!

  8. Just read your feature, The Giant ‘How To’ Guide to Car Photography
    MAY 09, 2017 AMY SHORE.

    Perfect outlook. That’s the determining factor for most of us in life.

  9. Hey Amy, I’ve been following your work for a while now and I must say, it’s fantastic. Loving the contrast, clarity and colour of your work. Also the updates on instagram are great. I look forward to seeing what’s next.!

  10. My favourite artist. You manage to capture the beauty of automotive subjects in a way that others don’t for me.

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