Rømø Motor Festival

I LOVE the Rømø Motor Festival.

Of the many gorgeous stretches of Danish beaches, Rømø’s is the best. Each year, dozens of vintage cars and motorcycles, manned (and womanned) by vintage clad drivers and riders aim to get from Point A to Point B across the sand as quick as they can. The rules mean that your vehicle has to be pre-war and pre 1947 tuned so everyone has a fair chance from the point of their machines. Drivers will point at their opponent and then to themselves to say ‘Hey! Fancy going against me next?!’ before lining up ready to kick up the sand.

This particular year, 2018, Craig raced his reluctant Ford Model A – named Old Red – and I was on my BSA, Bessie. I was very proud to have been the fastest woman on the sand that year, managing a top speed of 52mph on one run! I mean, I think there were only 3 women there, but I’ll take that all the same…

We’re both hoping to be back again this year with Old Red and Bessie, and perhaps even the newest addition to the family, Rupert, a 1928 Austin 7 Chummy. Although, I’m not sure a top speed of 43mph will do much in terms of a leaderboard.


  1. Once again you have proven yourself the master (mistress) of photography. This is a delightful collection of images especially the one of you astride your motorcycle.

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