Earlier this year, I was asked to do some work for Texas tourism. This basically meant going to Texas for a week as a tourist and photographing everything I saw. Dream job? I think so!

We started off by flying into Houston and settled into Texan life by visiting a basketball match followed by beer drinking in a sports bar. I think we were doing it right?! I got to meet David Coulthard and David Croft too, which was a real surprise! They were in town for the Austin GP which we later found ourselves at. Whilst in Houston, we obviously had to visit the Johnson Space Centre which for any space fans like myself, is a must.

Fredericksburg was next on the agenda and is the place to go in the state if you like wine! Leo the chef cooked us a divine lunch at Das Peach Haus before we headed over to Signor Vineyards for an afternoon of much wine sipping and cheese eating. This was just the beginning of my waistline coming home a number of centimetres larger than when I left.

After a morning of hiking around Enchanted Rock and visiting a local antique store, we hit the road for the Cowboy Capital of the World; Bandera. This was probably one of my favourite towns I’ve ever visited as a photographer. There are about as many cowboys (and girls) around on horses as there are cars. I had one of the best nights of my life sitting in Arkey’s Honky-tonk, drinking beer, trying moonshine, and singing along with the musicians in front of the fire.

Every cowboy needs to start the day with a cowboy breakfast that you arrive at on horseback before spending a long day out with the Texas longhorns at Silver Spur Ranch. These creatures are incredible to be around but watch yourself as they can be a tad aggressive.

Finally, Austin. I really, really loved this city. It’s known as the Live Music Capital of the World and when you’re there, you can really see why. And the food! Oh! The food! We spent the most time in Austin out of all of our locations so I might be a little biased. But if you love food and music, it’s the place to go. We were also very lucky to have been able to catch the Austin Grand Prix whilst there which I was very happy about! You can even take a break from the city bustle and head out of town for a swim at the beautiful Hamilton Pool Preserve. If it hadn’t have been -3C the morning we visited, I would have had more of a plunge than the little paddle I resigned to…

A huge thank you to everyone who hosted us – Visit Houston, Visit Fredericksburg, Bandera CVB and Visit Austin.






These guys were the best. At the beginning of the week we were strangers, by the end of the week I was sad to say goodbye!

  1. Thanks for the great images. You know, we have daily non-stop British Air flights from London to Austin… come again soon!

  2. Glad to see that you took time to visit the Continental Club. Hope you had the opportunity to meet owner Steve Wertheimer, who is also known as a Hot Rod & Custom car collector.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on the journey…as a 20 year resident of Fredericksburg and photog hobbyist I appreciate the good photos and comments…glad you had a fun trip…y’all come back now, ya hear?

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