Farer; Pendine

On a rather dull February day in Wales (actually, it wasn’t raining so perhaps we could consider it a positively great weather day for Wales?!), Farer and I, along with smashing videographer Mackie Films, headed to to Pendine Sands to shoot their new watches, the Pendine and the Ainsdale.

We were photographing the best human and car combo in the world (okay okay, I’m a little biased…), Craig and Old Red. It’s not the first time Craig has been my model so he knew the score – drive well and look pretty. Personally, I love the results from this shoot and is one of my favourite to date. We also had a couple of Porsche 356s join in with the fun and I certainly wasn’t going to complain about that!

You can buy prints of a couple of these images over at my shop!


  1. Amy, I’ve been following your career for a while (we’ve chatted briefly at Goodwood on a couple of occasions). This is one of my favourite stories of yours; you certainly made the most of that diffused light! I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. All power to your elbow!


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