Farer Attempts Ben Nevis.

Farer and myself teamed up with the super cool Proper Adventure magazine with the intention of climbing the North Face side of Ben Nevis (…in November) and shoot some of their beautiful watches along the way.  We’d also sleep in Ben Nevis’ rugged Charles Inglis Clark (CIC) Hut (although, fairly modern and kitted out in terms of bothies) for the night.

Now, I’m not the fittest of lasses, so I was a tad nervous about the trek. An hour and a half into the climb and we reach the bothy, all hearts were absolutely pounding, not just mine! The views were mesmerising of the Ben, beautifully sprinkled with snow. Once we’d dumped a load of our overnight stuff, we continued the climb up. Over the next hour, the track became far less visible and the terrain was sketchy to say the least. Low clouds began to bring with them snow and sleet and soon we realised that we wouldn’t be making it to the summit that day.

Both disappointed but also slightly pleased we didn’t have to walk any more vertical steps, we began our decent back to the hut. Paul of Farer fell down a lot…we laughed. Stu, also from Farer, looked like he was a well worn man of the mountain as he skipped down with a cigarette in his mouth. Retiring to the bunks of the bothy, we ate pot noodles, Kendal Mint Cake and drank copious amounts of tea (with the odd tipple of whisky) whilst all trying to avoid using the baltic-cold compost toilets!

The following morning was crisp, clear and beautiful. Had we all not had flights to catch, we would have attempted the ascent again! But alas, the climb to the summit is back on the Farer-Shore-Adventure to-do list. Watch this space…

Also, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of car shots! That’s what happens when you show up to the Highlands in a 911 and an F-Type!

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