Ferrari Portofino; Charles Leclerc

Overlooking the harbour of Portofino on a beautifully warm October evening, I couldn’t help but feel pretty lucky to do the job I do. Last year, The Official Ferrari Magazine asked me to shoot a feature for their 37th issue. I was tasked with photographing the new Portofino, in Portofino Italy, and with the truly charming Formula 1 driver, Charles Leclerc. I’ve had worse jobs.

Also a note of recognition to the super lovely writer Jason Barlow, my sidekick and partner in crime Craig Callum, and finally the exceptionally talented videographer Josh Lawrence.




  1. I saw these shots in F1 Racing magazine and thought they were so good I had to find out more about the photographer whose name I didn’t recognise, awesome work, awesome website.

  2. You are a wonderfully talented young woman. I can say that because I’m seventy.
    I am wanting to retire from working in refinery’s and shot cars to supplement my retirement $. There are hot rods everywhere in New Jersey.
    Your article was both informative and inspirational and I thank you for your time.
    Now it’s up to me to work the canon cameras and lens I have collected over the years.
    Bill Dowsell

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