She’s Mercedes and the 230 SL

A couple of months ago, She’s Mercedes contacted me about doing an interview and a shoot with them and of course I jumped at the chance. Here’s a link to the article. These guys meet some amazing women from all aspects of life so I’d thoroughly advise having a browse through some of their other interviews! Video at the bottom.

The stunning portraits of myself taken by the wickedly talented André Josselin and film shot by roller blading superman, Karsten Boysen. Also, a huge, warm thank you to Paul, the owner of the car, who decided he’d be cool with all of this!!



  1. Oh Amy, my heart collapse once more again .But even more I like the movie at the end. The person behind this magnificent work suddenly becomes alive and appears so tangible.

  2. In love with these shots and the color of the car, the notepad in particular is so cute! It’s great to see some background on you and your work as well, super inspiring. My only question is: how on earth do you stay in the back of that car when it’s moving? I’d be afraid I’d fall out!

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