Alfa Romeo P3

Now, I’m going to be honest. This shoot is slightly unrealistic. We wanted to show the P3 in a number of different locations and to tell a story. So in this shoot, we were trying to tell a road trip story of a girl going for a drive in her P3 – around the countryside, having a coffee, browsing clothes shops etc because duh, that’s what young, 20 something year old girls do…in their multi million pound Grand Prix Alfa Romeo P3s…

Regardless of the slight validity of the shoot story, we had a really great couple of days. Tim and his sidekick were amazing at ferrying the car around in the truck, pushing it across traffic lights and half way down busy London streets! The model, Remy, was a real champ. There are a couple of amusing outtakes in the feed of her getting in and out of the car and was really easy to work with. My incredible assistant and backstage photographer Megan, was my lifesaver as she always is on my shoots with her, from managing traffic, getting instructions to Remy and the guys whilst I was shooting, and still managing to capture the atmosphere backstage (a few shots at the end are hers!).

Finally, a HUGE thanks to Josie’s Cafe, The Spice Island Inn, Purdey’s, and Belstaff who all let us just rock up and shoot at their places without prior warning, and Belstaff also kindly provided us the jacket for Remy.

All shot for the beautiful RAMP Magazine – you can now see the article in their current issue which is out now!


Finally, a few backstage shots from Megan! I think RAMP may do a small article on the shoot from this side so I won’t post any more!



  1. Pretty model, wonderful car, fantastic photos, I’ll buy that. Pretty model driving a wonderful car to go shopping or much of anywhere, not so much! It is a bit of a stretch, Amy. That said, I did enjoy the photographs so much and particularly I loved the ones with you in them. Tom

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  2. as always, absolutely wonderful photography. you can tell, the car is still the star. simply beautiful, and thanks so very much for sharing!

  3. Oh my my. Absolutely stunning work Amy. I love the feel of the photographs. They makes you wanna drive the car. I love the mood created my those warm tones and shallow depth of field. I’m glad to be following your work here on your website as well as Instagram. Keep Inspiring.

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  5. Why not. It;s a beutiful afternoon. Let’s do it in Milan next time, or with an SS100 in London.

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