Kevin’s MG

Kevin first got in touch with me a number of months ago and told me that he was having his MG built by Frontline Developments who I had visited a couple of years previously. He told me that he wanted me to document the day of him and his wife, Judy, picking up the car and seeing for the first time, but then that he wanted to visit the people that actually put together this gorgeous machine and thank them in person. Frontline, the body guys and the paint guys. Kevin is so grateful that he even had each of their signatures engraved into the door sill plates. So it’s a true pleasure of mine to show you this fantastic day.


3 thoughts on “Kevin’s MG

  1. Wonderful as always! What’s your process for those great tracking shots you so consistently nail. Always look forward to your blog updates, thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much Ben! With the tracking, I’m usually hanging out of the open boot of a car, travelling about 30/40mph, shutter speed on something like 1/60, f stop variable depending on the light and then shoot LOADS of shots! 85% of them are blurred, I edit the 15% 🙂

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