Bodylines and Spray-Tec

This was a great day of workshop visits for Vantage Magazine. When we walked into Bodylines which, for a fabricator, was suspiciously quiet. As I began photographing the workshop, I began noticing the chaps on their break, all either reading the paper or napping! Soon the hammering, rolling and folding began again.

In the afternoon, we visited Spray-Tec, an awesome spray and restoration workshop. Peter Tomalin writing for Vantage has done a far better job of writing about both of these guys than I have in the latest issue!!


One thought on “Bodylines and Spray-Tec

  1. As always your photographs put me on location. When I first started looking at your images, I thought, ” how do these guys get anything done.” Then I remembered you saying that you arrival was at tea time. And ten plenty of images of them working their magic. My faith is restored although I never lost faith in you and your amazing abilities with a camera. Well done, Amy!

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