5 thoughts on “Triumph at Bonneville

  1. You came all the way across the pond and didn’t stop to say, “Hi” to me? Amy, Amy, Amy! Quite a different experience than British motor racing I would guess. It doesn’t look like it was blazing hot which is good for you although you may have missed some of the “desert expeience.” At least you could touch your camera and once again, I’m so glad you did. Thank you for sharing. Tom

    On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 4:30 PM, Amy Shore Photography wrote:

    > Amy Shore posted: “This was one hell of a trip. This is the story of > Triumph’s attempt at a land speed record alongside Guy Martin as their > rider. I experienced my first ever casino (and its characters…), some > amazing scenery, sleeping on the Salt and had the absolute ple” >

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