For the last few months, I’ve been having a great time hanging out with the guys at Noble Automotive as they’ve revamped their website. We visited their carbon fibre factory, trim factory, own workshop and then naturally, had to take the Speedster for a day trip around the company’s (and my own!) hometown of Leicestershire. Each shoot has been tremendous fun and I’m so chuffed to have been able to shoot for them!

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6 thoughts on “Noble

  1. Wonderful photographs, Amy!

    Beste Gruesse / Kind regards

    Tilman Georg Eckstein (President)

    British German Automobile Club i. Gr.


    Automobilclub von Deutschland


    Lyoner Straße 16

    D-60528 Frankfurt am Main

    Tel. +49 69 6606-212

    Fax +49 69 6606-98212

    Mobil +49 172 7521932

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  2. wow, looking at these pictures everything was familar, but still so amazing. not sure if its the photography or the car itself, probably both. one day…

  3. You do an amazing work! I follow you since the beginning and I always enjoy looking at your pictures.
    As a self-taught photographer, you are clearly part of my inspiration, thank you!

  4. Amy, your work is inspiring as always! I love how fresh and immediate your images are. They’re of the moment, and they tell a story. You obviously have a great eye, and I appreciate the difference in your work compared to many other current automotive photographers. As I shoot, I’m trying to develop my own eye and vision, and your work is always a source of inspiration and challenge. I could post this on any of your sets of images because you are so consistent! Thanks for sharing.

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