DeLorean; Octane Magazine

This was a bit of a scary shoot for me. It was my first ever front cover shoot for a big UK magazine. Octane Magazine was one of the first publications I approached when I began photographing cars. 3 years ago, they naturally said I needed a bit more experience but they’d keep me in mind. So to finally get the front cover shoot of this magazine was a huge, personal achievement for me. I think the fact that the cover shot was of the hugely iconic DeLorean shot at its original home in Belfast was a real treat!


  1. Terrific work, Amy! I loved the photos in that article when I got my “old fashioned paper” copy of Octane. Well done on reaching this major goal so fast – I wish I had a fraction of your talent 🙁

  2. Amy, beautiful work as usual. By the way, there is some dude in Texas, USA who bought
    up the bits and pieces from what was left of DeLorian and is now building cars on a small scale. If John D. Had charged as much for his cars as this fellow is asking and likely to get, Big John would still be building his cars. They are still very popular here in the colonies. Tom

  3. Great pictures as ever Amy and hats off to you for getting the recognition…..well deserved.

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