Pendine Historic Cars

Located at Bicester Heritage, my buddy James has turned the gorgeous ex-blast house into the home of Pendine Historic Cars. I adore this little place and always have fun hanging out with the guys (and gal!) there. You can read more about this visit here on Classic Driver.


2 thoughts on “Pendine Historic Cars

  1. Once again, Amy, your uncanny talent for putting me “in the drivers seat” so to speak and make me feel like I am there exhibits itself in all its artistic glory. Your style is what we on this side of the pond call, “photo realism.” Ambient lighting and candid scenes are hallmarks of this style which you compose in such a artistic and seemingly natural way. You are a master of technique and “you have the eye.” I’m so glad I happened across your work. Thank you so much for sharing. I suppose it helps just a bit that I’m a”gear head” who used to shoot weddings many moons ago. Cars and brides – does it get any better?

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