It was a crazy day, October 23rd 2015. My friend and I woke up in Reykjavik, Iceland and by the time we put our heads back down to sleep, we were in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This journey included a mad drive from Birmingham airport to Heathrow with some very fast suitcase changes in between.

Now to explain this trip a little more, I should first let you know that my friend is an exotic fruit importer (who knew they were a thing, eh?!) so travels to places such as Turkey, Peru and Vietnam in the aid of bringing us Brits delicious mangos, grapes, grapefruit etc to our supermarkets. So when the opportunity arose to go with him on one of his journeys, I jumped at the chance.

This is an album of my eye opening experience of Vietnam. The coffee was delicious (think condensed milk and ice), the dragon fruit was delicious, and riding on a moped sandwich (Vietnamese rider, me, then my buddy on the back…poor moped) was a new experience I can cross off my bucket list.


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