The Last Defender

We’re now all very aware of the sad ending of the production of the iconic Land Rover Defender. I was lucky enough to be shooting the very last Defender as it worked its way down the production line, shooting exclusively for Land Rover.


5 thoughts on “The Last Defender

    • I’m sad to read that you think that, Robert. This never had anything to do with advertising of any sort but was an event celebrating this truly iconic vehicle. I had hoped that I’d portrayed that event through my photographs and the emotion that was felt on the day from everyone there. How do you feel it could have had more to do with “photography”?

  1. Fab set of photos, but then I always like your images. I particularly like the way everyone looks so pleased at their input even though the day must have been tinged with sadness. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amy , I was there . What a fantastic set of photos ! You must have been very active to get those ! Captured history perfectly . 🙂

  3. Fabulous photos Amy… beautiful captured historic moment!

    Im loving going through your portfolio… having just returned from the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena and photographing the cars there (for my own garage) its inspiring to see yours!

    Thanks for sharing

    (Bit of a strange comment by Robert BTW!!???)

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