Italian Miataland

Way back in July, I got taken to a magical land. Imagine a B&B in the middle of the Umbrian countryside where you wake up to views of the sun on the hills before hopping into a Mazda MX-5 to spend the day exploring the local sunflower fields, landmarks and cities? Sound like your kind of holiday? Then Miataland may be just the place for you. Owner Andrea has dozens of MX-5s that you can choose to take on your exploring. Shot for Mazda’s customer magazine, Zoom-Zoom, myself, art director Dan Froude and journalist Sachin Rao spent 3 days dining in pizzerias, driving through the countryside, having lunch with Andrea and his pool boys, and even a dip in the pool ourselves. I did work too, I promise…

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  1. Amy Your photography journals get better and better! Once upon a time, I imagined following this path myself, but I snoozed as the world went by and now I see the standards are way higher than I can imagine ….. for now, I will just stand aside and appreciate the fine work you are doing. Let me know if you ever need an (older) apprentice 🙂

    Dave Hudson

  2. Amy, You always capture the ambiance in an artistic way. Thank you for allow me to share your experience. Tom

  3. The people behind Miataland have to create a website around your photography. Stunning work that deserves to be the centrepiece of any promotional material for this place.

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