Porsche 996 and 997

For GT Porsche’s October 2015 issue, scriber Johnny Tipler and myself spent the day in sunny Norfolk with a gorgeous couple of Porsches. The viper green 997 and the snow white 996 caught the attention of many ice cream lickers and sun bathers alike. Big thanks to Martin Pearse for the wheels.

GreenWhite_0001 GreenWhite_0018 GreenWhite_0024 GreenWhite_0031 GreenWhite_0035 GreenWhite_0041 GreenWhite_0050 GreenWhite_0054 GreenWhite_0061 GreenWhite_0062 GreenWhite_0064 GreenWhite_0066 GreenWhite_0069 GreenWhite_0074 GreenWhite_0078 GreenWhite_0084 GreenWhite_0087 GreenWhite_0089 GreenWhite_0092 GreenWhite_0095 GreenWhite_0097 GreenWhite_0105 GreenWhite_0107 GreenWhite_0108 GreenWhite_0113 GreenWhite_0122 GreenWhite_0125 GreenWhite_0128 GreenWhite_0141 GreenWhite_0148 GreenWhite_0161  GreenWhite_0171

4 thoughts on “Porsche 996 and 997

  1. You have a good photographic eye. Some of your photo’s have to much background. Stay focused on the subject. ( I’m a professional photographer of over 60 yrs. experience) Keep up the good work!

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