Welsh Trials 2015

This was a weekend of awesome silliness. It was my first ever time participating in a trial event and I was lucky enough to be invited by friends Simon Diffey, James Mitchell and his lovely wife, Anya Jackel. We may have drank a little too much pop on the Saturday night, resulting in a rough Sunday, followed by breaking an engine mount but still, we conquered many hills and I cannot wait to be part of another one!

a WelshTrailsSat_001 WelshTrailsSat_003 WelshTrailsSat_004 WelshTrailsSat_005 WelshTrailsSat_007 WelshTrailsSat_008 WelshTrailsSat_010 WelshTrailsSat_011 WelshTrailsSat_013 WelshTrailsSat_016 WelshTrailsSat_019 WelshTrailsSat_021 WelshTrailsSat_023 WelshTrailsSat_029 WelshTrailsSat_032 WelshTrailsSat_033 WelshTrailsSat_034 WelshTrailsSat_035 WelshTrailsSat_037 WelshTrailsSat_040 WelshTrailsSat_041 WelshTrailsSat_043 WelshTrailsSat_045 WelshTrailsSat_046 WelshTrailsSat_049 WelshTrailsSat_052 WelshTrailsSat_053 WelshTrailsSat_058 WelshTrailsSat_062 WelshTrailsSat_063 WelshTrailsSat_065 WelshTrailsSat_067 WelshTrailsSat_072 WelshTrailsSat_073 WelshTrailsSat_074 WelshTrailsSat_075 WelshTrailsSat_078 WelshTrailsSat_079  WelshTrailsSat_082 WelshTrailsSat_084 WelshTrailsSat_085 WelshTrailsSat_091 WelshTrailsSat_092 WelshTrailsSat_095 WelshTrailsSat_097 WelshTrailsSat_099 WelshTrailsSat_104 WelshTrailsSat_109 WelshTrailsSat_110 WelshTrailsSat_111 WelshTrailsSat_114 WelshTrailsSat_116 WelshTrailsSat_119 WelshTrailsSat_120 WelshTrailsSat_124 WelshTrailsSat_126 WelshTrailsSat_128 WelshTrailsSat_129 WelshTrailsSat_130 WelshTrailsSat_134 WelshTrailsSat_136 WelshTrailsSat_137 WelshTrailsSat_143 WelshTrailsSat_144 WelshTrailsSat_147 WelshTrailsSat_148 WelshTrailsSat_153 WelshTrailsSat_154 WelshTrailsSat_155 WelshTrailsSat_156 WelshTrailsSat_158 WelshTrailsSat_159 WelshTrailsSat_162 WelshTrailsSat_167 WelshTrailsSat_169 WelshTrailsSat_177 WelshTrailsSat_178 WelshTrailsSat_180 WelshTrailsSat_182 WelshTrailsSat_189 WelshTrailsSat_190    WelshTrailsSat_203 WelshTrailsSat_205 WelshTrailsSat_206 WelshTrailsSat_208  WelshTrailsSat_212 WelshTrailsSat_216 WelshTrailsSat_218 WelshTrailsSat_223 WelshTrailsSat_224 WelshTrailsSat_229 WelshTrailsSat_232 WelshTrailsSat_233 WelshTrailsSat_234 WelshTrailsSat_236 WelshTrailsSat_241 WelshTrailsSat_242 WelshTrailsSat_243 WelshTrailsSat_244 WelshTrailsSat_245 WelshTrailsSat_246 WelshTrailsSat_247 WelshTrailsSat_250 WelshTrailsSat_251 WelshTrailsSat_254 WelshTrailsSat_257 WelshTrailsSat_262 WelshTrailsSat_264 WelshTrialsSun003 WelshTrialsSun005 WelshTrialsSun006 WelshTrialsSun008 WelshTrialsSun009 WelshTrialsSun010 WelshTrialsSun012 WelshTrialsSun013 WelshTrialsSun015 WelshTrialsSun018 WelshTrialsSun020 WelshTrialsSun024 WelshTrialsSun027 WelshTrialsSun029 WelshTrialsSun033 WelshTrialsSun037 WelshTrialsSun038 WelshTrialsSun042 WelshTrialsSun044 WelshTrialsSun048 WelshTrialsSun051 WelshTrialsSun052 WelshTrialsSun053 WelshTrialsSun056 WelshTrialsSun058 WelshTrialsSun059 WelshTrialsSun061 WelshTrialsSun064 WelshTrialsSun066 WelshTrialsSun069 WelshTrialsSun070 WelshTrialsSun074 WelshTrialsSun075 WelshTrialsSun076 WelshTrialsSun077 WelshTrialsSun080 WelshTrialsSun081 WelshTrialsSun082 WelshTrialsSun084 WelshTrialsSun085 WelshTrialsSun088 WelshTrialsSun089 WelshTrialsSun091 WelshTrialsSun092 WelshTrialsSun093 WelshTrialsSun095 WelshTrialsSun098 WelshTrialsSun100 WelshTrialsSun101 WelshTrialsSun103 WelshTrialsSun104 WelshTrialsSun106 WelshTrialsSun108 WelshTrialsSun110  WelshTrialsSun115 WelshTrialsSun117 WelshTrialsSun120 WelshTrialsSun121 WelshTrialsSun123 WelshTrialsSun125 WelshTrialsSun128 WelshTrialsSun130 WelshTrialsSun134 WelshTrialsSun137 WelshTrialsSun138 WelshTrialsSun140 WelshTrialsSun141 WelshTrialsSun142 WelshTrialsSun143 WelshTrialsSun145 WelshTrialsSun149 WelshTrialsSun152 WelshTrialsSun157 WelshTrialsSun158 WelshTrialsSun160 WelshTrialsSun161

  1. Once again you have proven yourself The Best. I could even feel the brisk air. Thank you for sharing, Amy.

  2. You absolutely captured the spirit of the event, and particularly the characters of the participants.

  3. Finally, this Yank understands what trialing is all about, thanks to this splendid photo essay. It’s not the cars and drivers as in normal motorsport. It’s the social aspect; drinking and eating through beautiful countryside and quaint villages, while being cold, wet and miserable throughout. You may all be daft, but sure have fun being so. Thank you, Amy, for explaining this mysterious and uniquely British experience.
    Richard Collier
    Hobe Sound, Florida USA

  4. Whoa…. These are outstanding. All my motoring chums all over the world are now going to get this link. Terrific art (is photography art ?) and this proves that it’s not the camera that makes the impact, but the person squeezing the shutter release.

    Again, some of the best images I have seen in a long long time

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