Andy and his girls

I first met Andy whilst on this shoot for Classic Driver and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Andy has solo toured an impressive amount of the US and is my inspiration for touring in my own Mini. So when he asked if I wanted to hang out with him, learning how to ride Velocettes, browsing a magical world of architectural curiosities, all along with the company of a hot air balloon flying, Bullnose Morris driving chap called Robin, I basically jumped at the chance.

This is the day I spent with Andy an his Velocette girls; Thumper, Katie, Bella, Eileen and Jasmine. Eileen is his black Mk VIII, Katie is the green one, Bella is the faired ’35’, Jasmine is the project and Thumper was the fantastic machine that we whizzed around Oxfordshire on.

The last photograph at the end of the album is thanks to that hot air balloon flying, Bullnose Morris driving chap, Robin. One of the most amazingly interesting people I have the pleasure of knowing. You can see a truly gripping video of him crash landing in the Australian desert here.

Andy_003 Andy_005 Andy_006 Andy_007 Andy_009 Andy_012 Andy_015 Andy_016 Andy_017 Andy_020 Andy_023 Andy_024 Andy_027 Andy_028 Andy_030 Andy_034 Andy_035 (1) Andy_036 Andy_037 Andy_039 Andy_040 Andy_041 Andy_043 Andy_044 Andy_045 Andy_046 Andy_048 Andy_050 Andy_051 Andy_053 Andy_055 Andy_056 Andy_057 Andy_058 Andy_061 Andy_062 Andy_064 Andy_065 Andy_067 Andy_068 Andy_069 Andy_070 Andy_072 Andy_073 Andy_075 Andy_076 Andy_077 Andy_079 Andy_082 Andy_084 Andy_085 Andy_086 Andy_087 Andy_089 Andy_090 Andy_091 Andy_092 Andy_093 Andy_094 Andy_095 Andy_096amyandy1 (2)

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