Susie and Jon

This was my first ever Jewish wedding!! After much research and helpful information from Susie and Jon, I shot my first Jewish ceremony and it was crazy fun. So. Much. Dancing. Really awesome day, glass smashing and chair lifting galore! Big thanks to my second shooter, Liam Keown. Beautiful venue of Micklefield Hall.

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5 thoughts on “Susie and Jon

  1. Amy, I haven’t written to you in aa while. However, you must know that I look forward to each of your album postings. You have yet to disappoint or delight me with your talent. Your art is a gift to my eyes and my soul. Thank you for sharing with me. Tom

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  2. Er…I just re read the last email I sent you. Wow did Imiss speak myself!!! What I intended to say was,”you have never disappointed me nor have you ever failed to delight me.” Seems that I never fail to (disastrously) miss speak myself when emailing you ???? I apologize.

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  3. We lvoed having you and Liam capture our special day. Two very special talents and even greater personalities. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    • טוב. אני בהלם מהתמונות המושלמות האלה ואתם כלכך יפים. החתונה נראית מושלמת. ממש מרגש. שתדעי. And for the photographer: 🙂 The pics are PERFECT! Amazing and so touching… If you need some more tips about an Israeli/Jewish wedding, let me know 🙂

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