The Frederiksen Collection

Classic Driver said we were going to hop on a plane to Denmark to check out this chap’s collection of cars. Cool, sounds fun. But to say I was gobsmacked when I saw this collection is an understatement. 48 cars, most pre war, all up for grabs through Bonhams later this year. Classic Driver and I hung out with the cars and Henrik Frederiksen for a day to find out more about his collection and why he’s deciding to sell almost everything. Read about it here on Classic Driver. You can also see the amazing film of the collection here on Bonhams’ website.

DenmarkPorsches-0002 DenmarkPorsches-0004 DenmarkPorsches-0007 DenmarkPorsches-0008 DenmarkPorsches-0010 DenmarkPorsches-0011 DenmarkPorsches-0013 DenmarkPorsches-0014 DenmarkPorsches-0017 DenmarkPorsches-0020 DenmarkPorsches-0023 DenmarkPorsches-0026 DenmarkPorsches-0029 DenmarkPorsches-0032 DenmarkPorsches-0035 DenmarkPorsches-0038 DenmarkPorsches-0042 DenmarkPorsches-0045 DenmarkPorsches-0048  DenmarkPorsches-0053 DenmarkPorsches-0056 DenmarkPorsches-0058 DenmarkPorsches-0059 DenmarkPorsches-0063 DenmarkPorsches-0064 DenmarkPorsches-0076 DenmarkPorsches-0079 DenmarkPorsches-0085 DenmarkPorsches-0087 DenmarkPorsches-0089 DenmarkPorsches-0092 DenmarkPorsches-0094 DenmarkPorsches-0096 DenmarkPorsches-0100 DenmarkPorsches-0103 DenmarkPorsches-0108 DenmarkPorsches-0109 DenmarkPorsches-0112 DenmarkPorsches-0115 DenmarkPorsches-0125 DenmarkPorsches-0129 DenmarkPorsches-0141 DenmarkPorsches-0142 DenmarkPorsches-0144 DenmarkPorsches-0146 DenmarkPorsches-0151 DenmarkPorsches-0154 DenmarkPorsches-0160 DenmarkPorsches-0166 DenmarkPorsches-0171 DenmarkPorsches-0173 DenmarkPorsches-0176 DenmarkPorsches-0178 DenmarkPorsches-0180 DenmarkPorsches-0183 DenmarkPorsches-0185 DenmarkPorsches-0186 DenmarkPorsches-0188 DenmarkPorsches-0192 DenmarkPorsches-0193 DenmarkPorsches-0196 DenmarkPorsches-0197 DenmarkPorsches-0201 DenmarkPorsches-0202 DenmarkPorsches-0204 DenmarkPorsches-0205 DenmarkPorsches-0206 DenmarkPorsches-0208 DenmarkPorsches-0210 DenmarkPorsches-0216 DenmarkPorsches-0219 DenmarkPorsches-0220

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