Bristol Day Trip

This is a personal album. My family and I don’t get to hang out as much any more since my bro and I moved out so whenever a birthday rolls around, we all love day tripping together. So for my Dad’s birthday, thanks to the help of Liam and a long journey home from shooting a wedding, we decided on the artistic city of Bristol! Cast: coffee and cake at Ahh Toots; a wander around St Nick’s Market; my folks’ first trip in an Uber taxi; Clifton Camera Obscura and Suspension Bridge, lunch at Mud Dock, visit to an original Banksy piece, bowling at The Lanes, followed finally by dinner at The Cosy Club.

TL;DR – A really awesomely fun day.

Bristol_0002 Bristol_0003 Bristol_0004 Bristol_0006 Bristol_0007 Bristol_0009 Bristol_0010 Bristol_0011 Bristol_0012 Bristol_0013 Bristol_0014 Bristol_0015 Bristol_0016 Bristol_0017 Bristol_0018 Bristol_0020 Bristol_0021 Bristol_0022 Bristol_0023 Bristol_0024 Bristol_0025 Bristol_0027 Bristol_0028 Bristol_0030 Bristol_0031 Bristol_0033 Bristol_0034 Bristol_0035 Bristol_0036 Bristol_0037 Bristol_0040 Bristol_0041 Bristol_0042 Bristol_0043 Bristol_0044 Bristol_0045 Bristol_0046 Bristol_0047 Bristol_0048 Bristol_0050 Bristol_0051  Bristol_0054 Bristol_0055 Bristol_0056 Bristol_0057 Bristol_0058 Bristol_0059 Bristol_0061 Bristol_0062 Bristol_0063 Bristol_0064 Bristol_0065  Bristol_0068  Bristol_0070 Bristol_0071 Bristol_0072 Bristol_0074 Bristol_0075 Bristol_0076 Bristol_0077 Bristol_0078 Bristol_0079 Bristol_0080 Bristol_0081 Bristol_0082 Bristol_0084  Bristol_0086 Bristol_0087 Bristol_0089 Bristol_0090 Bristol_0091 Bristol_0092 Bristol_0093 Bristol_0095  Bristol_0097 Bristol_0098 Bristol_0099 Bristol_0100 Bristol_0101 Bristol_0102 Bristol_0103 Bristol_0105 Bristol_0106 Bristol_0107 Bristol_0109 Bristol_0112  Bristol_0114 Bristol_0115 Bristol_0117 Bristol_0118 Bristol_0119 Bristol_0120 Bristol_0121 Bristol_0122 Bristol_0123 Bristol_0124 Bristol_0125 Bristol_0126 Bristol_0127 Bristol_0128 Bristol_0129 Bristol_0130 Bristol_0131 Bristol_0134 Bristol_0135 Bristol_0136 Bristol_0137 Bristol_0139 Bristol_0140 Bristol_0142 Bristol_0143 Bristol_0144 Bristol_0145

  1. Hi Amy, I absolutely LOVE your photos! Do you use preset filters or do you fiddle around with buttons and stuff on Lightroom and Photoshop? I don’t want to copy you but your photos are in a style that I would like to one day be able to replicate, I love the mood and atmosphere you’ve set with your edits. I wish you’d give photography lessons, I’d hop on the first flight to the UK 🙂

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