Matthew Humphries Design

Matthew Humphries is a clever chap. At just 21 years old, he became Morgan’s head of design. 21!! I think I was still finger painting at that age (come on though, we all know that finger painting is still pretty fun). Since leaving, Matthew and his lovely girlfriend, Penelope, have started designing watches. Classic Driver and I hung out with the two of them one day last month to find out a bit more. You can read all about it here on Classic Driver.

MatthewHumphries_0003 MatthewHumphries_0006 MatthewHumphries_0007 MatthewHumphries_0010 MatthewHumphries_0011 MatthewHumphries_0012 MatthewHumphries_0015 MatthewHumphries_0022 MatthewHumphries_0024 MatthewHumphries_0032 MatthewHumphries_0034 MatthewHumphries_0043 MatthewHumphries_0044 MatthewHumphries_0047 MatthewHumphries_0050 MatthewHumphries_0056 MatthewHumphries_0058 MatthewHumphries_0061 MatthewHumphries_0063 MatthewHumphries_0066 MatthewHumphries_0072 MatthewHumphries_0075 MatthewHumphries_0078 MatthewHumphries_0079 MatthewHumphries_0080 MatthewHumphries_0081 MatthewHumphries_0082 MatthewHumphries_0083 MatthewHumphries_0084 MatthewHumphries_0086 MatthewHumphries_0087 MatthewHumphries_0090 MatthewHumphries_0092 MatthewHumphries_0095 MatthewHumphries_0097 MatthewHumphries_0098 MatthewHumphries_0099 MatthewHumphries_0100 MatthewHumphries_0102 MatthewHumphries_0103 MatthewHumphries_0104 MatthewHumphries_0108 MatthewHumphries_0109 MatthewHumphries_0110 MatthewHumphries_0111 MatthewHumphries_0112 MatthewHumphries_0114 MatthewHumphries_0118 MatthewHumphries_0121 MatthewHumphries_0122 MatthewHumphries_0126 MatthewHumphries_0128 MatthewHumphries_0130 MatthewHumphries_0131 MatthewHumphries_0133 MatthewHumphries_0137 MatthewHumphries_0138 MatthewHumphries_0141 MatthewHumphries_0145 MatthewHumphries_0148 MatthewHumphries_0152 MatthewHumphries_0156 MatthewHumphries_0157 MatthewHumphries_0159 MatthewHumphries_0161 MatthewHumphries_0164

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