Flywheel Festival

Flywheel at Bicester Heritage was their first major public event and it went down a treat. Historic Promotions organised the very successful event, despite the horrendous weather on the Saturday. Rocking up on the Sunday however, I enjoyed a stroll around the event with a 99p Mr Whippy (with flake) and lounging on the warm grass as historic aircraft whizzed over my head. You can read a fantastic article on the festival here on Classic Driver.

Flywheel0001 Flywheel0003 Flywheel0006 Flywheel0011 Flywheel0012 Flywheel0015 Flywheel0016 Flywheel0021 Flywheel0022 Flywheel0024 Flywheel0025 Flywheel0027 Flywheel0028 Flywheel0030 Flywheel0032 Flywheel0033 Flywheel0039 Flywheel0040 Flywheel0041 Flywheel0042 Flywheel0043  Flywheel0051 Flywheel0052 Flywheel0055 Flywheel0056 Flywheel0058 Flywheel0060 Flywheel0063 Flywheel0065 Flywheel0066 Flywheel0068 Flywheel0070 Flywheel0071 Flywheel0072 Flywheel0079 Flywheel0081 Flywheel0085 Flywheel0087 Flywheel0089 Flywheel0094 Flywheel0097 Flywheel0099 Flywheel0102 Flywheel0104 Flywheel0107 Flywheel0108 Flywheel0109 Flywheel0111 Flywheel0115 Flywheel0117 Flywheel0125 Flywheel0127 Flywheel0131 Flywheel0132 Flywheel0133 Flywheel0135 Flywheel0137 Flywheel0146 Flywheel0147 Flywheel0150 Flywheel0152 Flywheel0154 Flywheel0157 Flywheel0162 Flywheel0164 Flywheel0169 Flywheel0172 Flywheel0177 Flywheel0179

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