Lucie and Jon

My oh my. Was this a wedding. Fun coupons that you could exchange for shots or polaroid photos, brass bands appearing right after the ceremony and piñata-head wearing galore! There’s no way I can describe this wedding and its awesomeness. Please view and enjoy!

(Bridal prep at the Belmont House Hotel, Leicester. Ceremony and reception at Halstead House, Leicester. Delicious evening grub by Duke of Pork. Incredible brass band, New York Brass Band. Huge thanks to Liam Keown as my second shooter for the day).

LucieJon-0001 LucieJon-0002 LucieJon-0006 LucieJon-0008 LucieJon-0009 LucieJon-0014 LucieJon-0026 LucieJon-0029 LucieJon-0030 LucieJon-0032 LucieJon-0034 LucieJon-0036 LucieJon-0041 LucieJon-0045 LucieJon-0053 LucieJon-0058 LucieJon-0072 LucieJon-0082 LucieJon-0085 LucieJon-0087 LucieJon-0091 LucieJon-0095 LucieJon-0120 LucieJon-0132 LucieJon-0138 LucieJon-0139 LucieJon-0146 LucieJon-0148 LucieJon-0151 LucieJon-0158 LucieJon-0160 LucieJon-0164 LucieJon-0166 LucieJon-0184 LucieJon-0188 LucieJon-0194 LucieJon-0202 LucieJon-0204 LucieJon-0207 LucieJon-0212 LucieJon-0218 LucieJon-0220 LucieJon-0222 LucieJon-0228 LucieJon-0237 LucieJon-0242 LucieJon-0248 LucieJon-0249 LucieJon-0254 LucieJon-0255 LucieJon-0257 LucieJon-0267 LucieJon-0273LucieJon-0274 LucieJon-0275 LucieJon-0278 LucieJon-0279 LucieJon-0282 LucieJon-0283 LucieJon-0289 LucieJon-0291 LucieJon-0293 LucieJon-0295 LucieJon-0302 LucieJon-0314 LucieJon-0320 LucieJon-0332 LucieJon-0334 LucieJon-0335 LucieJon-0336 LucieJon-0338 LucieJon-0343 LucieJon-0344 LucieJon-0346 LucieJon-0352 LucieJon-0355 LucieJon-0363 LucieJon-0365 LucieJon-0366 LucieJon-0368 LucieJon-0375 LucieJon-0382 LucieJon-0387 LucieJon-0393 LucieJon-0400LucieJon-0401 LucieJon-0410 LucieJon-0413LucieJon-0426 LucieJon-0436 LucieJon-0438 LucieJon-0439 LucieJon-0445 LucieJon-0455 LucieJon-0458 LucieJon-0472LucieJon-0483 LucieJon-0486 LucieJon-0491 LucieJon-0494 LucieJon-0495 LucieJon-0497 LucieJon-0508 LucieJon-0510LucieJon-0525 LucieJon-0534 LucieJon-0563 LucieJon-0568 LucieJon-0576 LucieJon-0578 LucieJon-0588 LucieJon-0597 LucieJon-0600 LucieJon-0607 LucieJon-0618LucieJon-0620 LucieJon-0654 LucieJon-0660 LucieJon-0667 LucieJon-0671 LucieJon-0677 LucieJon-0684 LucieJon-0690 LucieJon-0694 LucieJon-0703 LucieJon-0705 LucieJon-0710 LucieJon-0711 LucieJon-0715 LucieJon-0718 LucieJon-0721 LucieJon-0726 LucieJon-0731 LucieJon-0734 LucieJon-0740LucieJon-0742LucieJon-0747 LucieJon-0748 LucieJon-0751 LucieJon-0753 LucieJon-0754 LucieJon-0757 LucieJon-0760 LucieJon-0764 LucieJon-0766 LucieJon-0769 LucieJon-0777 LucieJon-0789 LucieJon-0792 LucieJon-0794 LucieJon-0797 LucieJon-0798 LucieJon-0805LucieJon-0811 LucieJon-0814 LucieJon-0816 LucieJon-0821 LucieJon-0827 LucieJon-0831 LucieJon-0832 LucieJon-0844LucieJon-0864 LucieJon-0866 LucieJon-0871 LucieJon-0880 LucieJon-0881 LucieJon-0882 LucieJon-0883 LucieJon-0886 LucieJon-0888 LucieJon-0893 LucieJon-0899 LucieJon-0904 LucieJon-0910 LucieJon-0913 LucieJon-0914 LucieJon-0920 LucieJon-0925 LucieJon-0947 LucieJon-0948 LucieJon-0950 LucieJon-0951 LucieJon-0952 LucieJon-0956 LucieJon-0962 LucieJon-0969

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