The Shuttleworth Collection Pilots

This day was a really cool day. I hung out with Tracey at Revolution magazine for a day at Old Warden airfield and met with my pilot friend Rob, who just happens to be one of the Shuttleworth Collection pilots. If you like your vintage aircraft, you had better plan a trip down to one of their summer shows. Their collection of flying vintage aircraft is one of the largest in the world, with some of the most skilled pilots in the UK behind the controls. Our aim was to find out what kind of watches real pilots wore and why!

OldWardon-1 OldWardon-2 OldWardon-6 OldWardon-7 OldWardon-10 OldWardon-20 OldWardon-22 OldWardon-25 OldWardon-27 OldWardon-29 OldWardon-39 OldWardon-43 OldWardon-44 OldWardon-50 OldWardon-53 OldWardon-58 OldWardon-59 OldWardon-60 OldWardon-64 OldWardon-68 OldWardon-70 OldWardon-73 OldWardon-75 OldWardon-77 OldWardon-81 OldWardon-83 OldWardon-85 OldWardon-89 OldWardon-96 OldWardon-101  OldWardon-105 OldWardon-113 OldWardon-115 OldWardon-116 OldWardon-121 OldWardon-128 OldWardon-131 OldWardon-132 OldWardon-134 OldWardon-141 OldWardon-143 OldWardon-146 OldWardon-151 OldWardon-157 OldWardon-162 OldWardon-163 OldWardon-165 OldWardon-171 OldWardon-183 OldWardon-189 OldWardon-197 OldWardon-212 OldWardon-213 OldWardon-219 OldWardon-223 OldWardon-226 OldWardon-227 OldWardon-229 OldWardon-233 OldWardon-237 OldWardon-242 OldWardon-247 OldWardon-250 OldWardon-252 OldWardon-253 OldWardon-256 OldWardon-258 OldWardon-263 OldWardon-265 OldWardon-268 OldWardon-269 OldWardon-271 OldWardon-275 OldWardon-277 OldWardon-282 OldWardon-287 OldWardon-288 OldWardon-289 OldWardon-291 OldWardon-293

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