Car SOS Alfa Romeo

For those of you who don’t know the TV show, Car SOS is a programme that takes unrestored cars that have been sat in their owners’ garages for years and restores them without them knowing. Helped by the family of the owner, some of these stories are exceptionally touching. This story was one of them. I was asked by the family to photograph the reveal of the car to the owner, who sadly suffers from Parkinson’s disease and won’t be able to drive much longer. The sons wanted him to have a chance to drive his car before he lost his license. On the actual day of filming, it was a dismal day in December at Layer Marney Tower in Essex and typically, the car decided that it was going to have some issues starting. However, the problems were fixed in the end and the programme shows the owner lovingly drive around the local area of the tower. You can watch the show again later this month on the National Geographic Channel. CarSOS-0001 CarSOS-0002 CarSOS-0006 CarSOS-0007 CarSOS-0012 CarSOS-0013 CarSOS-0015 CarSOS-0016 CarSOS-0018  CarSOS-0022 CarSOS-0023 CarSOS-0026 CarSOS-0028 CarSOS-0029 CarSOS-0030 CarSOS-0031 CarSOS-0032 CarSOS-0033 CarSOS-0035 CarSOS-0037 CarSOS-0038 CarSOS-0040 CarSOS-0041 CarSOS-0042 CarSOS-0047 CarSOS-0051 CarSOS-0054 CarSOS-0055 CarSOS-0060 CarSOS-0063 CarSOS-0066 CarSOS-0070  CarSOS-0078 CarSOS-0082 CarSOS-0091 CarSOS-0094 CarSOS-0096 CarSOS-0102 CarSOS-0108  CarSOS-0116 CarSOS-0119 CarSOS-0121 CarSOS-0129 CarSOS-0137 CarSOS-0141 CarSOS-0144 CarSOS-0151 CarSOS-0152 CarSOS-0154 CarSOS-0155 CarSOS-0156 CarSOS-0158] CarSOS-0160 CarSOS-0162

  1. what an amazing story Amy, made even more touching by the photos you took…you’ve set the mood beautifully with your post editing. Would you mind terribly if I asked what camera/lens combo you used and what software you used to edit your photos after?

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