Wilton Classic and Supercar Weekend

This splendid weekend event makes me think back to what Goodwood Revival would have been like in its first few years. The array of truly wonderful vehicles, spread across the lawns of Wilton House, were free from crowds as spectators enjoyed uninterrupted, close up viewings. I visited Saturday’s classic day for Classic Driver who explain the event in far better detail than I have done here. Do check out the article. Also, nearing the bottom of this album are some more detailed shots of Classic Driver’s ‘Best Classic in Show’ award winner – a 1967 Iso Grifo. The chap truly deserved to win the award.

WiltonCASC_0001 WiltonCASC_0002 WiltonCASC_0003 WiltonCASC_0004 WiltonCASC_0005 WiltonCASC_0007 WiltonCASC_0008 WiltonCASC_0010 WiltonCASC_0013WiltonCASC_0014 WiltonCASC_0015 WiltonCASC_0016 WiltonCASC_0017 WiltonCASC_0019 WiltonCASC_0021 WiltonCASC_0023 WiltonCASC_0024 WiltonCASC_0029 WiltonCASC_0031 WiltonCASC_0032 WiltonCASC_0033 WiltonCASC_0034 WiltonCASC_0036 WiltonCASC_0037 WiltonCASC_0038 WiltonCASC_0039 WiltonCASC_0040 WiltonCASC_0041 WiltonCASC_0042 WiltonCASC_0043 WiltonCASC_0044 WiltonCASC_0045 WiltonCASC_0047 WiltonCASC_0048 WiltonCASC_0049 WiltonCASC_0051 WiltonCASC_0052 WiltonCASC_0054 WiltonCASC_0058 WiltonCASC_0059 WiltonCASC_0060 WiltonCASC_0064 WiltonCASC_0066 WiltonCASC_0068 WiltonCASC_0069 WiltonCASC_0070 WiltonCASC_0073 WiltonCASC_0074 WiltonCASC_0075 WiltonCASC_0076 WiltonCASC_0078 WiltonCASC_0079 WiltonCASC_0080 WiltonCASC_0081 WiltonCASC_0082 WiltonCASC_0083 WiltonCASC_0084 WiltonCASC_0086 WiltonCASC_0087 WiltonCASC_0088 WiltonCASC_0090 WiltonCASC_0091 WiltonCASC_0092 WiltonCASC_0093 WiltonCASC_0106 WiltonCASC_0110 WiltonCASC_0112 WiltonCASC_0113 WiltonCASC_0115 WiltonCASC_0117 WiltonCASC_0118 WiltonCASC_0120 WiltonCASC_0121

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