London Street Art

This is a personal album which I just had to share, partly because I wanted to let London tourists know about a couple of cool areas you may or may not have thought to visit.

It was my mother’s birthday and she loves day trips with us all as it’s not often we’re all together. She wanted to visit London but didn’t want to do the traditional sights or museums. London has some truly amazing street art, so my family and I decided to tour around some of the best murals of Brick Lane and the surrounding streets. There are also some really cool cafes and bars just a short tube ride away, such as The Attendant (it used to be a blokes’ toilet!), The Old Bank of England pub, and the Blackfriars pub.

Also on the list for the day was to walk across the Abbey Road crossing which, if you’re thinking about doing this tour, is completely out of the way of everything but is still a lovely thing to say you’ve done.

Enjoy the album!

Happy birthday, mum x

Mum's Birthday_006 Mum's Birthday_008 Mum's Birthday_012 Mum's Birthday_014 Mum's Birthday_016 Mum's Birthday_018 Mum's Birthday_020 Mum's Birthday_022 Mum's Birthday_023 Mum's Birthday_027 Mum's Birthday_030 Mum's Birthday_033 Mum's Birthday_034 Mum's Birthday_042 Mum's Birthday_043 Mum's Birthday_047 Mum's Birthday_049 Mum's Birthday_051 Mum's Birthday_055 Mum's Birthday_057 Mum's Birthday_058 Mum's Birthday_059 Mum's Birthday_061 Mum's Birthday_063 Mum's Birthday_066 Mum's Birthday_069 Mum's Birthday_070 Mum's Birthday_072 Mum's Birthday_074 Mum's Birthday_075 Mum's Birthday_076 Mum's Birthday_078 Mum's Birthday_081 Mum's Birthday_083 Mum's Birthday_087 Mum's Birthday_088 Mum's Birthday_092 Mum's Birthday_093 Mum's Birthday_096 Mum's Birthday_099 Mum's Birthday_101 Mum's Birthday_103 Mum's Birthday_109 Mum's Birthday_113 Mum's Birthday_117 Mum's Birthday_118 Mum's Birthday_127 Mum's Birthday_132

  1. Really cracking Amy , We feel that we were on the trip with you ! Also loved the photo of the ” skipping ” wall art . Regards Barry and Glenda Cole .

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