D-Type Sneak Preview

Now this…this was a very special shoot. I was asked to photograph a certain Jaguar D-Type that I’d previously shot for Ramp magazine. The images are for an upcoming book, ‘Great Cars: Jaguar D-Type’, being published by Porter Press International at a price of just £60. The two day shoot took place at the Goodwood Motor Circuit and the surrounding area. You can see some of their great books in the same series (both upcoming and some that are already available) here.

Now, the book isn’t out until September this year, but the guys at Porter Press have very kindly said I can preview just a couple of images to you all. I really, really hope you like these and want to see more because the book is going to be excellent. I highly recommend you keep your eyes peeled for it in the upcoming months!! But for now, this is all you’re getting…

DType_Goodwood0025 DType_Goodwood0047 DType_Location_0010

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