Exeter Trial

This was the first trial event I’d ever attended. The 24 hour, gruelling, wet and downright miserable route through a cold, January night is curiously enjoyed by many of the competitors. I was there exclusively for Revolution Magazine as they followed the life of one of Tudor’s Black Shield watches to see how well it handled the bumps, scrapes, and mud of the event. Very well, it turned out.

The two lucky souls whose journey we followed from their 1am start were writer, Simon De Burton, and Tutor’s UK Manager, Sven Olsen. After leaving them at the start line service station, Revolution’s Editor-in-Chief, Tracey Llewellyn, and I decided to head back to our cosy B&B for a good night’s kip, feeling absolutely no envy towards the chaps as the wind howled outside and rain spattered against the windows.

Morning rolled around, bringing with it a grey and drizzly sky as Tracey and I headed out in our borrowed wellies on our search for the guys. Driving around the general area we expected them to be, we took a wrong turn. By pure coincidence, we happened upon Simon and Sven in a slight predicament – Simon had acquired a flat tyre. Even with efforts to fix the flat, the bike was finished for now. With only one remaining bike to complete the trial, Sven kindly offered to lend his bike to Simon so he could finish the 280 mile total distance event. Bleary eyed and sodden through, Simon powered on for the remainder of the day and successfully conquered the Exeter Trial.

This was such a fun couple of days (for most) and certainly an event I would love to experience again!

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