Bentley Continental

Well, what a delightful day this was. I got to hang out with my dear friend, writer Simon de Burton, as we drove around London in the equivalent of first class of the car world – a splendid Bentley Continental. Our day started at the fabulous Map House to browse antique maps of London, stopping for a bite to eat at a patisserie, a trip to Portobello Road for a spot of shopping (well, browsing…) and simply enjoying the Bentley to our full extent! It was a wonderful day with some truly great people and created some awesome memories. I’m running out of positive adjectives now so I’ll just stop rambling… Read far more eloquent ramblings here on Classic Driver.

Bentley_Cont_0001 Bentley_Cont_0003 Bentley_Cont_0004 Bentley_Cont_0006 Bentley_Cont_0011 Bentley_Cont_0014 Bentley_Cont_0018 Bentley_Cont_0019 Bentley_Cont_0021 Bentley_Cont_0025 Bentley_Cont_0026 Bentley_Cont_0029 Bentley_Cont_0030 Bentley_Cont_0038 Bentley_Cont_0042 Bentley_Cont_0046 Bentley_Cont_0048 Bentley_Cont_0050 Bentley_Cont_0052 Bentley_Cont_0053 Bentley_Cont_0058 Bentley_Cont_0062 Bentley_Cont_0064 Bentley_Cont_0067 Bentley_Cont_0073 Bentley_Cont_0074 Bentley_Cont_0081 Bentley_Cont_0084 Bentley_Cont_0090 Bentley_Cont_0091 Bentley_Cont_0092 Bentley_Cont_0094 Bentley_Cont_0096 Bentley_Cont_0100 Bentley_Cont_0105 Bentley_Cont_0110 Bentley_Cont_0113 Bentley_Cont_0114 Bentley_Cont_0118 Bentley_Cont_0119 Bentley_Cont_0123 Bentley_Cont_0124 Bentley_Cont_0127 Bentley_Cont_0129 Bentley_Cont_0132 Bentley_Cont_0134 Bentley_Cont_0136 Bentley_Cont_0137 Bentley_Cont_0140 Bentley_Cont_0145 Bentley_Cont_0146 Bentley_Cont_0147 Bentley_Cont_0149 Bentley_Cont_0153 Bentley_Cont_0156 Bentley_Cont_0158 Bentley_Cont_0159 Bentley_Cont_0161 Bentley_Cont_0162 Bentley_Cont_0163

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