Vincent Rapide

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why the bloody hell did they think to shoot a £250k bike around a load of junk?!’ Well, in answer to that question, you’ll have to read more about its story here on Classic Driver. In the meantime, enjoy some photographs! Bike_0005 Bike_0006 Bike_0007 Bike_0009 Bike_0011 Bike_0012 Bike_0013 Bike_0017 Bike_0020 Bike_0023 Bike_0026 Bike_0031 Bike_0032 Bike_0035 Bike_0036 Bike_0039 Bike_0041 Bike_0043 Bike_0052 Bike_0053

3 thoughts on “Vincent Rapide

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