Bristols at Bicester Heritage

This shoot was the largest number of vehicles I’d ever shot in one place and also included my first ever bus which turned out to be very handy for us all to have lunch on. Shot at the fabulous Bicester Heritage, everyone available had to drive a vehicle to move them to the location (mine was the 1971 411, obviously the best). We got some funny looks from the builders on site. You can read all about these wonders here on Classic Driver.

Bristols-2 Bristols-3 Bristols-4 Bristols-5 Bristols-7 Bristols-8 Bristols-9 Bristols-10 Bristols-12 Bristols-13 Bristols-14 Bristols-15 Bristols-16 Bristols-17 Bristols-18 Bristols-19 Bristols-20 Bristols-21 Bristols-23 Bristols-24 Bristols-25 Bristols-26 Bristols-27 Bristols-28 Bristols-29 Bristols-30 Bristols-31 Bristols-32 Bristols-33 Bristols-35 Bristols-36 Bristols-37 Bristols-38 Bristols-39 Bristols-41 Bristols-42 Bristols-43 Bristols-45 Bristols-46 Bristols-48 Bristols-49 Bristols-50 Bristols-51 Bristols-52 Bristols-53 Bristols-54 Bristols-55 Bristols-57 Bristols-58 Bristols-59 Bristols-60 Bristols-62 Bristols-63 Bristols-64 Bristols-65 Bristols-66 Bristols-67 Bristols-68 Bristols-69 Bristols-70 Bristols-71 Bristols-72

  1. Amy

    An interest shared it seems! Yet another beautiful and atmospheric set of pictures that should be treasured by all Bristol owners. Particularly nostalgic for me.

    Bristols have been a favourite car marque of mine since I was at university (not saying how long ago). I had a Bristol 400 then that cost me the princely sum of $AUD 250 in 1969 (alright I said it).

    It was an entertaining ownership. If you want to read further about my custodianship of the 400 have a look at:

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