Geneva And The Motor Show

For the first time ever, I went to an actual, full size motor show. The Geneva Motor Show was full to the brim with the likes of exotic concept cars, less exotic standard cars and a variety of visitors (some exotic, some not so much…). Now, I’ve never really considered myself to be one for motor shows but as I’d never actually visited one to have a valid opinion, I’m glad I went. Now I can honestly say, I’m not really one for motor shows. Yes, the cars are awesome to admire but from a photographer’s point of view, I found it a difficult one to capture any form of atmosphere. If you’re bored of reading generic reviews of the show, please have a read of the hilarious Alternative Awards article, written by one of our group, Pavel Spirine. Categories include Loneliest Component Award and Most Secure Boot (won by the Bentley EXP10 due to its total lack of access to boot…)

The 750 miles back to the UK however, was far more entertaining. After an extortionately priced breakfast in one of Geneva’s finest Starbucks, we had a good explore of the town before heading back through some beautiful, snowy mountain passes. We were in the perfect vehicle for a little off roading (or so we thought) so decided to take the off-road route to the bin, getting stuck in the process and having to have Matt push us to freedom. This didn’t stop Pavel from having another crack at it though as we found a muddy, snowy trail to take the Range through. Lots of muck, grime and very wet shoes later (see Pavel’s attempt at shoe drying later in the album), we reemerge once again onto the main road and head to the Eurotunnel. Maybe having spent a little too much time having fun in the Swiss mountains, we found ourselves running a little late for our train and were perhaps going a tad too fast… Being pulled over by two French policemen on motorcycles and having to pay a 90€ fine was a new experience I can now add to my tick list. Let’s also not forget to add to the list ‘Running out of diesel 20 miles from a fuel station’…

We finally made it home to the UK and I can honestly say I had an absolute blast.

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  1. Amy, Your’s is a much needed fresh look at a motor show. The obligatory views of the cars can be seen everywhere. Your photographs capture the ambiance in an artistic way. I say its about time you went to a motor show! Tom

  2. You are such an artist! I adore the way how you capture the things. This is really outstaning. Your view on the Motor Show is great (normally they are not mine, too). But your photography tells stories. And I really like the ‘look’ of your photos.

  3. Hi Amy, been to a few shows in my time and your photographs are as usual, excellent. What struck me most was the lack of people outside in the streets, where is everyone?

  4. Hey Amy, I loved your coverage of the motorshow. Great pictures that aren’t the norm. Also I really (and regularly do) enjoyed your journey pictures, these are always my favourites and I love how you captured them.

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