Road Trip In A Volvo 940 Limo

I wasn’t going to show these photographs on my website as it was a personal trip but looking through them again, I decided I just couldn’t resist. Over New Year, myself and a group of friends drove from the UK to Chamonix in a Volvo 940 Limo to go skiing.

We stopped in Reims on the way to buy baguettes (which we warmed on the front screen heaters), whizzed into Geneva for some grub before arriving in Chamonix for our week of skiing, socialising and New Year celebrations. I’d skied once before this trip, about 9 years previously… Still, by the end of the week I was whizzing down the slope with my camera safely zipped under my coat and sipping hot chocolate (too many beers and Snowball Jacks (discovered on the trip, Jack Daniels and Coke with a snowball in the glass instead of ice) had been consumed by this point…). The trusty Volvo got us there and back with moderate ease and I can highly recommend one as a road trip vehicle! Pushing it off the very snowy drive each day definitely lost its novelty fairly quickly though…

The sights were some of the most breathtaking I think I’ve ever seen through my own eyes and viewfinder. Sadly, I couldn’t have my camera with me through the whole week so there will always be images that I’ll simply have to treasure.

This trip really was one of the best of my life and I can’t thank the other guys enough for having me tag along.

EDIT: It’s for sale! Read the truly hilarious yet brutally honest description here.

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