Lexus IS 300h and Toyota Aygo

Okay, I’m really, really late posting this one… Shot in early December last year for Toyota UK and Lexus UK, the brief was to shoot the new Lexus IS 300h and the Toyota Aygo in a very Christmassy (and at the time, rainy) London! What made the shoot even more fun was the collaboration with photographer GF Williams. Very different to my usual kind of subjects, this was an enjoyable change with a well deserved McDonalds meal at the end of the night.

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  1. Amy, I see I’m still on your mailing list (oversight?). I didn’t read your comment to me about how i had offended your clients. I do not remember what I said, but I assure you that no offense was intended. IF you can access my comment, could you please forward it to me and let me see if there it was a misunderstanding or exactly what. Further, I would like to send an apology to you and your clients. I feel terribly about this matter. Tom Ps. As usual, your eye is as flawless as your work is impressive. Tom 🙁

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