Jaguar D-Type

Back in October, I had the chance to whizz around Towcester and the surrounding areas in this stunning D-Type Jag. Shot exclusively for Ramp magazine, we wanted to create the feel of a day trip, including a trip to the pub and picking up some shopping from Tesco. Definitely the best car I’ve ever done some shopping in… Driving this wondrous machine was Gary Pearson who I must thank for putting up with my excitable ways. Also thanks to John Milicivic of John’s Motors for the use of his superb garage as a backdrop and my trusty assistant and overall sidekick, Andy Shore. Andy is also an awesome artist, you should check him out! One of his paintings of the D-Type is at the end of this album. Enjoy! RampDType_0002 RampDType_0003 RampDType_0012 RampDType_0019 RampDType_0020 RampDType_0024 RampDType_0027 RampDType_0031 RampDType_0033 RampDType_0038 RampDType_0045 RampDType_0056 RampDType_0064 RampDType_0071 RampDType_0079 RampDType_0085 RampDType_0097 RampDType_0098 RampDType_0103 RampDType_0109 RampDType_0114 RampDType_0118 RampDType_0121 RampDType_0122 RampDType_0124 RampDType_0129 RampDType_0131 RampDType_0143 RampDType_0145 RampDType_0151 RampDType_0163 RampDType_0165 RampDType_0167 RampDType_0169 RampDType_0171 RampDType_0173 RampDType_0175 RampDType_0183 RampDType_0192 RampDType_0197 RampDType_0199 RampDType_0204 RampDType_0206 RampDType_0207 RampDType_0211 RampDType_0212 RampDType_0214 RampDType_0218 RampDType_0228 RampDType_0230 RampDType_0237 RampDType_0238 RampDType_0239 RampDType_0245 RampDType_0250 RampDType_0253 RampDType_0263 RampDType_0266 RampDType_0270 RampDType_0275 RampDType_0278 RampDType_0281 RampDType_0286 RampDType_0293 RampDType_0295 RampDType_0298 RampDType_0300 RampDType_0307 RampDType_0311 RampDType_0312 RampDType_0313 RampDType_0318 RampDType_0322 RampDType_0328 RampDType_0332 RampDType_0334 RampDType_0341 RampDType_0344IMG_0351

  1. These are just brilliant, I love your range of composition and shutter speeds for this series. Every picture adds something in telling the story. A really great series of pictures of that fantastic Jag!

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