Aston Martin Works

I was sent to this delightful showroom/workshop by the guys over at Classic Driver with the ambition of capturing Christmas cheer. There was certainly a lack of Santa hats and Christmas trees however, the workshop was great fun to shoot and I got to have a go at rolling some sheet metal, badly I might add… Big thanks to Scott Fisher at Aston Martin Works for taking the time to show me around this fab place.

AMW_0306 AMW_0307 AMW_0314 AMW_0316 AMW_0318 AMW_0319 AMW_0324 AMW_0325 AMW_0328 AMW_0330 AMW_0331 AMW_0336 AMW_0339 AMW_0341 AMW_0345 AMW_0347 AMW_0348 AMW_0354 AMW_0355 AMW_0358 AMW_0359 AMW_0360 AMW_0362 AMW_0368 AMW_0371 AMW_0372 AMW_0374 AMW_0375 AMW_0377 AMW_0380 AMW_0382 AMW_0384 AMW_0386 AMW_0387 AMW_0388 AMW_0389 AMW_0390 AMW_0391 AMW_0395 AMW_0398 AMW_0399 AMW_0400 AMW_0401 AMW_0405 AMW_0406 AMW_0408 AMW_0409 AMW_0411 AMW_0412 AMW_0414 AMW_0415 AMW_0416 AMW_0425

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