Gem and Alex

When I shot this, it was the smallest wedding I’d ever had the pleasure of photographing. With just a party of 12 (including Gem and Alex), this day in London was beautifully intimate and I enjoyed every minute of it. They also had an amazing rainbow cake to go with their champagne in the pub afterwards! Smaller wedding of just 10 coming soon…

GemAlex-0012 GemAlex-0025 GemAlex-0029 GemAlex-0046 GemAlex-0056 GemAlex-0064 GemAlex-0074 GemAlex-0084 GemAlex-0115 GemAlex-0120 GemAlex-0134 GemAlex-0136 GemAlex-0139 GemAlex-0141 GemAlex-0256 GemAlex-0264 GemAlex-0311 GemAlex-0322 GemAlex-0337 GemAlex-0343 GemAlex-0347 GemAlex-0365 GemAlex-0375 GemAlex-0380 GemAlex-0390 GemAlex-0393 GemAlex-0405 GemAlex-0411 GemAlex-0416

  1. The bride and groom were most fortunate to have you as their wedding photographer, Amy. You are sensational. Did I mention that you are SENSATIONAL? Well, you are. You can take that from an old wedding photographer who learns so much just looking at your work. I do not shoot wedding any more and after seeing what you do I’m not even tempted to come out of retirement. Thank you fore sharing.


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