George Cohen’s Workshop

George is probably one of the most fabulous characters I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Psychiatrist turned motorbike builder, this man is a genius, and a genius with an incredibly character-full workshop full of motorcycle parts, memorabilia, and scattered wine corks in the toolboxes. Shot exclusively for H.R. Owen’s Drive magazine.

GeorgeDrive_0001 GeorgeDrive_0003 GeorgeDrive_0006 GeorgeDrive_0009 GeorgeDrive_0020 GeorgeDrive_0023 GeorgeDrive_0026 GeorgeDrive_0029 GeorgeDrive_0030 GeorgeDrive_0041 GeorgeDrive_0053 GeorgeDrive_0055 GeorgeDrive_0066 GeorgeDrive_0078 GeorgeDrive_0082 GeorgeDrive_0083 GeorgeDrive_0095 GeorgeDrive_0096 GeorgeDrive_0107 GeorgeDrive_0116 GeorgeDrive_0127 GeorgeDrive_0131 GeorgeDrive_0135 GeorgeDrive_0148 GeorgeDrive_0150 GeorgeDrive_0167 GeorgeDrive_0171 GeorgeDrive_0192 GeorgeDrive_0196 GeorgeDrive_0205 GeorgeDrive_0208 GeorgeDrive_0212 GeorgeDrive_0223 GeorgeDrive_0224 GeorgeDrive_0225 GeorgeDrive_0235 GeorgeDrive_0237 GeorgeDrive_0238 GeorgeDrive_0244 GeorgeDrive_0258 GeorgeDrive_0267 GeorgeDrive_0269

  1. I’m blown away by your work. I have a ton of white walls in my new house. Until now, I haven’t had a reason to put anything up. How can I get a hold of some prints to frame?

    Ps. I wish you would direct some film so you could cast me as an actor.

    – Kayde

    1. Thank you so much Kayde!! You can purchase prints on my website (see the ‘Prints’ option on the homepage). If I ever find myself in a director’s chair, I’ll be sure to get in touch!

  2. Extraordinary photos Amy, I really love your style. George looks an amazing character, but you really bring that out !

  3. Fantastic pictures! I myself was very fortunate to have a private guided tour of Dr George Cohens private Norton collection by the very man himself, his garage was a mini labyrinth! It was a real treat. Only learned of his death a couple of days ago, very sad loss.

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