Yvette and Jon Engagement Shoot

This wedding season has been so awesome, I’ve loved every wedding I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. This engagement shoot with Yvette and Jon was shot a couple of months before their big day (which will be live in about a week!) was such a lovely afternoon. We basically hung out and ended up at the pub. Not bad for a sunny Sunday afternoon!

YJ_Engagement_0002 YJ_Engagement_0011 YJ_Engagement_0016 YJ_Engagement_0019 YJ_Engagement_0028 YJ_Engagement_0033 YJ_Engagement_0038 YJ_Engagement_0041 YJ_Engagement_0044 YJ_Engagement_0051 YJ_Engagement_0055 YJ_Engagement_0057 YJ_Engagement_0060 YJ_Engagement_0073 YJ_Engagement_0081 YJ_Engagement_0087 YJ_Engagement_0093 YJ_Engagement_0094YJ_Engagement_0098YJ_Engagement_0101 YJ_Engagement_0106 YJ_Engagement_0111 YJ_Engagement_0117 YJ_Engagement_0127 YJ_Engagement_0139 YJ_Engagement_0146 YJ_Engagement_0147 YJ_Engagement_0149

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