Frontline Developments

Love to have a classic MG but wish they were more reliable with central locking and a built in satnav? Well today is your lucky day! I had the pleasure of visiting Frontline Developments earlier this month to shoot some of their cars and workshop. I absolutely loved the concept and the cars they were producing for their clients, such as the rather glamorous Alison who is featured in this album.

GGFC0703 GGFC0707 GGFC0711 GGFC0714 GGFC0716 GGFC0718 GGFC0721 GGFC0725 GGFC0726 GGFC0728 GGFC0729 GGFC0732 GGFC0734 GGFC0737 GGFC0739 GGFC0742 GGFC0745 GGFC0747 GGFC0749 GGFC0750 GGFC0754 GGFC0762 GGFC0765 GGFC0772 GGFC0778 GGFC0784 GGFC0792 GGFC0793 GGFC0808 GGFC0809 GGFC0814 GGFC0852 GGFC0858 GGFC0861 GGFC0869 GGFC0883 GGFC0892 GGFC0894 GGFC0895 GGFC0912 GGFC0917 GGFC0925 GGFC0929 GGFC0934 GGFC0935 GGFC0939 GGFC0943 GGFC0947 GGFC0948 GGFC0961 GGFC0975 GGFC0981 GGFC0984 GGFC1017 GGFC1018 GGFC1023 GGFC1025 GGFC1031 GGFC1039 GGFC1050

  1. A bizarre question: does having a crooked steering wheel in an interior shot bother you? I noticed the wheel wasn’t straight in one of your shots and began to think I was crazy for beating myself up over a photograph of mine.
    Great work, by the way.

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