October Sunday Scramble

This marvellous Sunday brunch at Bicester Heritage was far brighter and dryer than the last one, full of autumn leaves and a crisp air. Tea and bacon rolls were most certainly needed.

GGFC0460 GGFC0463 GGFC0465 GGFC0468 GGFC0469 GGFC0473 GGFC0475 GGFC0476 GGFC0478 GGFC0480 GGFC0481 GGFC0487 GGFC0489 GGFC0493 GGFC0499 GGFC0504 GGFC0505 GGFC0508 GGFC0510 GGFC0516 GGFC0518 GGFC0522 GGFC0525 GGFC0534 GGFC0535 GGFC0537 GGFC0538 GGFC0553 GGFC0555 GGFC0570 GGFC0573 GGFC0576 GGFC0580 GGFC0608 GGFC0611 GGFC0616 GGFC0620 GGFC0624 GGFC0625 GGFC0628 GGFC0633 GGFC0637 GGFC0643 GGFC0646 GGFC0653 GGFC0671 GGFC0672 GGFC0673 GGFC0679 GGFC0686 GGFC0690 GGFC0694 GGFC0700

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