The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2014

London’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was first bike event I had ever been to and I was asked to shoot it for Petrolicious just 2 days beforehand. I did not feel prepared. However, set in the most exquisitely stunning setting of London’s Borough Market, I had no need to fear. The way the morning light filtered through amongst the fumes of the bikes made me feel I was shooting on a movie set. The worldwide event was organised in support of Prostate Cancer – it would be really awesome if you could spare a couple of quid to the cause. Big thanks also to Dutch at The Bike Shed for all the info and organising a great day. Other than that, enjoy the shots!

DGR_0002 DGR_0007 DGR_0008 DGR_0014 DGR_0019 DGR_0021 DGR_0022 DGR_0027 DGR_0031 DGR_0038 DGR_0039 DGR_0044 DGR_0053 DGR_0054 DGR_0062 DGR_0072 DGR_0075 DGR_0077 DGR_0082 DGR_0085 DGR_0087 DGR_0089 DGR_0093 DGR_0100 DGR_0104 DGR_0107 DGR_0110 DGR_0113 DGR_0116 DGR_0121 DGR_0122 DGR_0131 DGR_0133 DGR_0143 DGR_0147 DGR_0156 DGR_0164 DGR_0166 DGR_0168 DGR_0179 DGR_0186 DGR_0188 DGR_0189 DGR_0197 DGR_0202 DGR_0206 DGR_0207 DGR_0221 DGR_0223 DGR_0225 DGR_0229 DGR_0231 DGR_0233 DGR_0239 DGR_0240 DGR_0242 DGR_0243 DGR_0252 DGR_0255 DGR_0256 DGR_0260 DGR_0264 DGR_0266 DGR_0276 DGR_0279 DGR_0280 DGR_0286

  1. WOW! just got this link from a colleague. your pictures are so amazing…I have (nearly) no words. it looks like in other times and I can nearly feel the atmosphere. the light…ahhh…really, really love these pics!

  2. Hi amy!, I really like your work… I want to know if … are you using nikon D600 on your work here too… like another photos???

      1. Thank you Amy! I follow you here and instagram, I just watch the new pic about #MotorBike and I think u are inspiring my “style and vision” right now!

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