Chris and Tamara

This wedding had such a great community feel and there was so much cake. Oh boy was there cake. With the reception in an idyllic village hall adorned with bunting and fairy lights, this wedding was full of fun, colour and lots of love. A few of these shots were taken by my wonderful second shooter, Liam. You should definitely go and check his site out.
Tamara_Chris_0000 Tamara_Chris_0001 Tamara_Chris_0004 Tamara_Chris_0015 Tamara_Chris_0018 Tamara_Chris_0027 Tamara_Chris_0031 Tamara_Chris_0034 Tamara_Chris_0035 Tamara_Chris_0048 Tamara_Chris_0055 Tamara_Chris_0058 Tamara_Chris_0064 Tamara_Chris_0066 Tamara_Chris_0082 Tamara_Chris_0090 Tamara_Chris_0092 Tamara_Chris_0095 Tamara_Chris_0104 Tamara_Chris_0111 Tamara_Chris_0116 Tamara_Chris_0120 Tamara_Chris_0129 Tamara_Chris_0140 Tamara_Chris_0149 Tamara_Chris_0157 Tamara_Chris_0159 Tamara_Chris_0163 Tamara_Chris_0165 Tamara_Chris_0169 Tamara_Chris_0172 Tamara_Chris_0310 Tamara_Chris_0316 Tamara_Chris_0322 Tamara_Chris_0334 Tamara_Chris_0340 Tamara_Chris_0345 Tamara_Chris_0361 Tamara_Chris_0390 Tamara_Chris_0392 Tamara_Chris_0398 Tamara_Chris_0402 Tamara_Chris_0406 Tamara_Chris_0416 Tamara_Chris_0419 Tamara_Chris_0430 Tamara_Chris_0440 Tamara_Chris_0441 Tamara_Chris_0448 Tamara_Chris_0461 Tamara_Chris_0465 Tamara_Chris_0468 Tamara_Chris_0470 Tamara_Chris_0478 Tamara_Chris_0482 Tamara_Chris_0489 Tamara_Chris_0496 Tamara_Chris_0508 Tamara_Chris_0510 Tamara_Chris_0520 Tamara_Chris_0526 Tamara_Chris_0535 Tamara_Chris_0550 Tamara_Chris_0551 Tamara_Chris_0561 Tamara_Chris_0569 Tamara_Chris_0590 Tamara_Chris_0596 Tamara_Chris_0602 Tamara_Chris_0604 Tamara_Chris_0612 Tamara_Chris_0634 Tamara_Chris_0659 Tamara_Chris_0667 Tamara_Chris_0682 Tamara_Chris_0704 Tamara_Chris_0714 Tamara_Chris_0715 Tamara_Chris_0723 Tamara_Chris_0748 Tamara_Chris_0792 Tamara_Chris_0797 Tamara_Chris_0802 Tamara_Chris_0806 Tamara_Chris_0812 Tamara_Chris_0821 Tamara_Chris_0825 Tamara_Chris_0831 Tamara_Chris_0833 Tamara_Chris_0845 Tamara_Chris_0847 Tamara_Chris_0858 Tamara_Chris_0867 Tamara_Chris_0876 Tamara_Chris_0878 Tamara_Chris_0891 Tamara_Chris_0898 Tamara_Chris_0907 Tamara_Chris_0915 Tamara_Chris_0917 Tamara_Chris_0920 Tamara_Chris_0934 Tamara_Chris_0935 Tamara_Chris_0936 Tamara_Chris_0939


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