Aston Martin DBS

This shoot for Classic Driver was shot on a delightful early morning around the streets of London just a couple of weeks ago. The air was crisp, the sun had barely risen and the sky was dappled pink. I couldn’t have asked for better settings to shoot James Bond’s car.

AstonDBS-43 AstonDBS-96 AstonDBS-199 AstonDBS-269 AstonDBS-282 AstonDBS-285 AstonDBS-502 AstonDBS-558 AstonDBS-606 AstonDBS-697 AstonDBS-701 AstonDBS-717 AstonDBS-737 AstonDBS-747 AstonDBS-754 AstonDBS-763 AstonDBS-782 AstonDBS-803 AstonDBS-830 AstonDBS-858 AstonDBS-880 AstonDBS-949 AstonDBS-959 AstonDBS-974 AstonDBS-977 AstonDBS-993 AstonDBS-1005 AstonDBS-1014 AstonDBS-1035 AstonDBS-1130 AstonDBS-1150 AstonDBS-1160

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