Melissa & Jack Post Wedding Shoot

I know, I know… I’m very late in posting these shots! Sorry about that… But here they (finally) are! The beautiful, raunchy and full of love shots from Melissa and Jack’s post wedding shoot – a great excuse to get dressed back up in your glad-rags and play with tattooing machines and spray paints. Well, why not?! You can take a look at their stunning wedding here.

MJ Post_000 MJ Post_002 MJ Post_005 MJ Post_008 MJ Post_012 MJ Post_017 MJ Post_018 MJ Post_020 MJ Post_023 MJ Post_024 MJ Post_027 MJ Post_030 MJ Post_031 MJ Post_035 MJ Post_038 MJ Post_042 MJ Post_044 MJ Post_048 MJ Post_056 MJ Post_057 MJ Post_067 MJ Post_072 MJ Post_074 MJ Post_075 MJ Post_080 MJ Post_082 MJ Post_092 MJ Post_093 MJ Post_098

  1. Amy,
    It’s your usual unusually fine photography once again! The wedding was a bit unusual at least in my experience as an old wedding photographer – delightful!!! How did the “tat” turn out?

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