Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake

I shot this interesting vehicle a couple of weeks ago now exclusively for Classic Driver at a pretty cool private test track down in London. Some love it, some hate it. I’m still undecided but would love to know your thoughts!

Daytona_0001 Daytona_0002 Daytona_0003 Daytona_0004 Daytona_0005 Daytona_0006 Daytona_0007 Daytona_0008 Daytona_0009 Daytona_0010 Daytona_0011 Daytona_0012 Daytona_0013 Daytona_0014 Daytona_0015 Daytona_0016 Daytona_0017 Daytona_0018 Daytona_0019 Daytona_0020

5 thoughts on “Ferrari Daytona Shooting Brake

  1. I think its a bit of an ugly brute, the rear end doesn’t fit with the elegant front. I wouldn’t buy it, as if I could afford it.?

  2. This car was a one-of design by Luigi “Coco” Chinetti, Jr. Amy I would like to share your excellent photography of this car with its designer. You did the car proud!
    Tom Bucher

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